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You know your coffee is top-notch, make sure your

staff are too

Barista training with a difference

And that's not all we offer

Learn industry techniques, such as:

Our personal and tailored barista training service uses the same techniques and styles that are taught in expert coffee

houses globally.


Your staff can learn specialist techniques, ensuring that your coffee impresses everyone who tries it.


You can choose from either a half or a full day of training, contact us now for a quote.

Along with our excellent Barista training, we are happy to provide a huge range of quality coffee machines, and delicious ranges of coffee beans.


Call us now to see what we can do for you.

  • How to adjust brew pressure and temperature

  • Identify deficiencies in the crema

  • Correctly frothing milk for a perfect cappuccino

  • Proper equipment cleaning and preservation

  • Latte art to rival the old masters

A barista using milk to decorate a coffee A barista in training making coffee art A barista pouring frothed milk